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Health Solutions for 30 - 60 year olds

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Key Health Solutions for 30 and Beyond.

Merely reaching the 40-year-old mark can be a risk factor...

For many of the chronic diseases that plague most people around the world. Heart disease and type 2 diabetes are the main drivers of family stress and loss. We offer quality health solutions for the 30 + crowd.

People aged 30 (and even under) are having heart attacks and dying despite the benefits of our advanced medical system. Poor lifestyle, diet, and being sedentary are the main players in developing these diseases which can be improved through proper health coaching, personal training, and nutrition counseling. See our services on the homepage for help. You can schedule a free discovery call to learn more about how we can help. 

The most important concept in avoiding these diseases is...

Getting evaluated by your physician regularly and becoming aware of your risks to these chronic but preventable diseases.


The second concept is having a successful plan developed and implemented so you can objectively achieve better bloodwork and blood pressure numbers. Your A1C (diabetes risk) marker is a very important number to monitor and normalize if you are to lead a full and disability-free life. Having diabetes greatly increases your risk of developing heart disease. Due to heightened stress and continued poor health habits, even people in their 30s are having heart attacks now. 

Most of the major issues we face can be largely avoided...

With proper health monitoring and basic changes in lifestyle. Losing even 10% of your body weight can greatly reduce your heart disease and diabetes risks. 

Next step for you:

Book your physical and get your bloodwork and blood pressure checked. Obtain and take any necessary medications with the goal of getting off them in the near future. Seek the advice of a health coach to help you begin and achieve your early goals. 

Ok, what about your muscle and joint health?

Most of us over 40 (or even 30) have felt the aches and pains of aging when getting out of bed in the morning. Many legacy athletes have old injuries that may have cropped back up as they attempt to regain their ability to play sports or workout.

My “Over 30 Performance Rx” full body video can help guide you through workouts to regain athletic abilities and slow the aging process. See the functional performance section for quick tests you can try to evaluate your present fitness levels. 

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