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Family Solutions for 30 - 60 year olds

family solutions for 30

Family Solutions

Kids in college, managing a career and watching your parents age?

These are the realities of this age range, which can be joyous AND stressful. A good marriage or partnership can help you navigate these challenges and alternatively, a poor relationship can add greater stress which may seem insurmountable at times. 

Unfortunately, too many adults in their 40’s and 50’s are still having fatal heart attacks. How would your family adjust to the loss of a parent and a spouse?

If you’re caught up in the stress of making a living, life will pass you by

Its seems that your time is not your own? Everyone needs autonomy in scheduling their lives. You need time to embrace the small, precious times that keep everything in perspective. Time can slip away quickly.

If you didn’t monitor your weight and waist size in your 30s then now is the time to start weekly assessments to know your objective numbers and keep them in check. It’s easy to lose 10-20 lbs but over 50 lbs takes more time and a successful, longer-term plan.

Check this link out for professional psychological and counseling services:


Psychological Services for Kids, Adults and Seniors/ Cognitive Testing for Dementia

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