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Financial Solutions for 60 year olds and up

Financial Solutions for 60+​

Financial Concerns and Solutions for 60 year olds and up

Hopefully anyone over 60 can start to enjoy the fruits of their labors

Social security payments, work pensions or hard earned savings accounts will hopefully give you piece of mind as you retire. Besides having funds to spend into retirement the most important concern is not to lose any of your income earned through financial exploitation, identity theft, or elder abuse.

Everyone regardless of race or status is vulnerable to these. Surprisingly, financial exploitation is not done just by strangers on the internet. Many are close to the elder victim and can be family members, caregivers, financial professionals, and neighbors (MetLife 2009 study).

Investment scams have warning signs:

Be aware of too good to be true guarantees, pushy salespeople, unlicensed “professionals” and unregistered products and offers with no supporting documentation. 

Do you have someone you trust to monitor your wealth? There can be more than one family member or professional to help keep everyone in check to insure no abuse is taking place. 

There are plenty of great resources for helping to educate our parents and us to help catch and prevent abuse. Some include: 

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