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Emotional Health for 60 year olds and above

Emotional Health for 60+

Emotional Health Solutions

Do you feel old?

Or do people look at you like you’re old and unable to achieve certain physical tasks or be sharp in a conversation. Are you subjected to ageism or poor aging stereotypes? This is all common as we age past 60 and can be a source of stress and humiliation. Your own mindset will determine how you react and respond to these and, in turn, be an indicator of your own longevity.  

Do you feel good about aging and your current physical abilities?

If not, you can make changes in the way you address your health and physical concerns. If you ameliorate any medical issues then you can help rebuild yourself into a stronger and more resilient you. Necessary medications, counseling or coaching sessions can help you get back on track to realize a more focused and fulfilling life. 

Is your spouse healthy or having major issues?

Poor health of a spouse or partner can be stressful. Having someone to talk to is crucial to help you handle these situations. Find a friend, support group, or a therapist to help you cope and find answers to health and emotional questions. 
Research shows that husbands rely more on their wives for emotional and social support and wives use friends and children (Quadagno 2013). Men may be more unlikely to confide in a friend which can raise health risks. 

So what if you go through a divorce?

This can be a major source of stress due to emotional strain and financial losses. A 2004 AARP study showed that wives were more likely to initiate divorce than men who were unlikely to be aware that this was coming.

A large study showed that men benefit more from marriage and lose more in divorce than women (Curran et al. 2003).

Take this popular stress scale test using this calculator to identify the level of stress you’re harboring inside of you and its potentially deleterious effects on your health.

Check this link out for professional psychological and counseling services:


Psychological Services for Kids, Adults and Seniors/ Cognitive Testing for Dementia

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